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MemProtMD simulation of Cytochrome bc1 complex in a lipid bilayer at both coarse-grained and atomistic respresentation, including both file download and analysis. Classification based on PDB 3tgu.

inner membrane, membrane protein, mitochondrial inner membrane, respiratory chain, transmembrane, cytochrome b, membrane, complex iii, d0vx28, d0vx29, d0vx26, d0vx27, heme, cyb, transit peptide, heme protein, ucri, ubiquinone, cytochrome bc1, mitochondrial processing protein, strobilurins binding, iron, metal-binding, chick, rieske iron sulfur protein, oxidoreductase-oxidoreductase inhibitor complex, iron-sulfur, cytochrome c1, redox enzyme, d0vx31, d0vx30, d0vx32, electron transport, mitochondrion, oxidoreductase, MemProtMD, membrane protein, simulation, coarse-grained, intrinsic membrane, martini, CG

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