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MemProtMD simulation of Metarhodopsin II in a lipid bilayer at both coarse-grained and atomistic respresentation, including both file download and analysis. Classification based on PDB 3pxo.

opsd, transmembrane, membrane, g-protein coupled receptor, g-protein-coupled receptor, opsin, chromophore, active state, phosphoprotein, lipoprotein, g-protein, retinal protein, bovin, photoreceptor, signaling protein, rhodopsin, sensory transduction, vision, photoreceptor protein, glycoprotein, myristate, nucleotide-binding, galpha subunit, palmitate, transducin, receptor, protein, gtp-binding, transducer, MemProtMD, membrane protein, simulation, coarse-grained, intrinsic membrane, martini, CG

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