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MemProtMD simulation of Chicken cytochrome BC1 complex in a lipid bilayer at both coarse-grained and atomistic respresentation, including both file download and analysis. Classification based on PDB 3h1l.

ascochlorin, membrane protein, respiratory chain, transmembrane, cytochrome b, membrane, complex iii, 2fe-2s, d0vx28, d0vx29, d0vx26, d0vx27, heme, cyb, disulfide bond, transit peptide, heme protein, ucri, ubiquinone, cytochrome bc1, mitochondrion inner membrane, iron, metal-binding, chick, rieske iron sulfur protein, iron-sulfur, cytochrome c1, redox enzyme, d0vx31, d0vx30, d0vx32, inner membrane iron, electron transport, mitochondrion, transport, oxidoreductase, MemProtMD, membrane protein, simulation, coarse-grained, intrinsic membrane, martini, CG

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