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MemProtMD simulation of Glu C180 -> Ile Variant Quinol:Fumarate Reductase in a lipid bilayer at both coarse-grained and atomistic respresentation, including both file download and analysis. Classification based on PDB 2bs4.

succinate dehydrogenase, frda, frdb, frdc, transmembrane, citric acid cycle, fumarate reductase, 2fe-2s, 3fe-4s, ion-sulphur protein, heme, respiratory chain, fad, 4fe-4s, flavoprotein, iron, metal-binding, oxidoreductase, tricarboxylic acid cycle, iron-sulfur, dihaem cytochrome b, electron transport, wolsu, MemProtMD, membrane protein, simulation, coarse-grained, intrinsic membrane, martini, CG

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