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MemProtMD simulation of Structure Of The Yeast Cytochrome Bc1 Complex Co-Crystallized in a lipid bilayer at both coarse-grained and atomistic respresentation, including both file download and analysis. Classification based on PDB 1ezv.

qcr, proton transfer, stigmatellin, complex iii, yeast, qcr2, cyb, qcr1, qcr6, qcr7, qcr8, q-cycle, hvm60, cytochrome bc1 complex, ucri, ubiquinone, cy1, oxidoreductase-electron transport complex, mitochondria, coenzyme q6, kv5ae, electron transfer, matrix processing peptidases, qcr9, mouse, yeast, antibody fv-fragment, MemProtMD, membrane protein, simulation, coarse-grained, intrinsic membrane, martini, CG

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